Bite-sized History of Stablecoins and its Investors

Stablecoins have propelled themselves into the mainstream over the last few years, but their origins can be traced back to 2014 when BITUSD debuted on the Bitshares blockchain. It was the first stablecoin and the world’s first look at a blockchain-based representation of the US Dollar.

The USDT was also early on the scene, but it was originally known as Realcoin and has since rebranded to the now-famous Tether. These new coins offered a digital currency with much less volatility than other space currencies, as they were often pegged to a one-to-one ratio to a stable asset such as the US. Dollar or any other currency in the world. This provided investors and traders a secure place to store their wealth, but also easy access to other cryptocurrencies they were interested in. Matrixport users can simply exchange their currency and convert it to USDT when the market is not to their liking and when it moves in the direction that they are enthusiastic about, they can convert USDT to any of the currencies offered.

These coins also possess the same characteristics of digital currencies that have appealed to many, but they do so without the difficulties of volatility, and because of this is viewed by many as the road to a financial revolution. They offer crypto enthusiasts a safe place to put their money when times are in the red and easy access back when things are looking prosperous. Head over to our official website at and have a look at the USDT and USDC markets.

Also, Matrixport’s Fixed Income Investment product is available on the PC website now, USDT/USDC payments supported, soon will be launched in the app on 2020–05–18. Stay tuned!

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