Buy Bitcoin at Dip or Earn Money while You Sleep!

Are you a cryptocurrency investor? Did you witness the roller-coaster price change Bitcoin has experienced over the past two years? Now, Matrixport is here to offer you an innovative digital currency investment management product that will help you make high-interest returns at a steady rate in a market that is changing rapidly.

Recently, Matrixport released Dual Currency-USDⓢ with the annualized yield as high as 100%. As its name implies, it is a Dual Currency investment that supports USD stable currency (USDT/USDC) payment. Compared with Dual Currency-BTC, investors will feel more comfortable with the Dual Currency-USDⓢ, because they don’t need to bear the fluctuation risk of BTC as the investment currency is USD stable currency. When the investment is at expiry, investors can collect more USDC or get cheaper BTC.(

Dual Currency-USDⓢ currently supports two types of USD stable currency payment, USDT or USDC. Please be noted that when an investor uses USDT for investment, it will be valued in equivalent USDC. For example, if the current exchange rate of USDT is 0.99 USDC, when the investor pays 1000 USDT to buy Dual Currency — USDⓢ, the actual investment amount will be 990 USDC. The reason for using this calculation method is that the exchange rate of USDC is more stable and secure, and thus USDC could improve the asset security for the investors and platforms.

Let’s look at how a typical Dual Currency — USDⓈ Product looks like:

Here we have a product with parameters as follows:

Linked Price: 8,000

Expiry Date: 25-Jan-2020

Yield: 5%

Investment Currency: USDC

On 9-Jan-2020, Alice bought 10,000 USDC notional of the above product.

On 25-Jan-2020,

If BTC/USD Settlement Price is above 8,000 USD, Alice gets 5% return on USDC, which is 10,000*(1+5%) USDC, which is 10,500 USDC.

If BTC/USD Settlement Price is at or above 8,000 USD, Alice gets 10,000/8,000*(1+5%) BTC, which is 1.3125 BTC.

Basically, Alice will definitely get 5% yield on expiry date — the only uncertainty is whether to receive BTC or USDC, depending on where BTC/USD is on the expiry date.

In summary, the advantages of the Dual Currency — USDⓈ Product are as follows:

Earn Profits

When the BTC Index rises at expiry and exceeds the Linked Price, you can obtain a higher annual income than other financial products in the market.

Buy Bitcoin at Dip

When the BTC Index falls at expiry and falls below the Linked Price, you can get BTC settlement with a lower cost price.

Higher Return

Annualized yield could be as high as 100%


The payoff calculation methodology is fully transparent. Your return is determined by your judgment of the market.


We offer a wide range of product selections in terms of duration and yield — conservative, aggressive or somewhere in the middle — it’s all up to you.

Customizable Risk

A variety of investment plans with different levels of risk and return.

It is obvious that if the investment return of USDⓢ dual-currency product is BTC, you can choose to buy BTC dual-currency product next time you make the investment. If your return of the BTC dual-currency product is USDC, you can choose the USDⓢ dual-currency product again. We believe that every investor can earn more stable and higher financial income in an unstable market environment through their long-term learning and accumulation.

Dual Currency Product is not a principal-protected product. Please make your prudent decisions based on your own risk appetite.

Product description does not constitute investment advice.



Matrixport is one of the world's largest and most trusted digital assets financial services ecosystem.

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Matrixport is one of the world's largest and most trusted digital assets financial services ecosystem.