Cactus Custody “Onchain Transaction Optimizer” — Removes the hassles and delays in making a transaction

Dear Friends:

It remains unknown whether the BTC price will reach a new high post-halving, yet one may observe the recognition of and ever-growing interest in digital assets by taking a look at prominent investors’ reaction, institutions’ position-taking, as well as the change of retail figures. The quality of infrastructure and the level of security are determining factors for investors, which is why Cactus Custody is continuously optimizing the transaction experience and doing its best to enable an open financial ecosystem while offering secure, compliant enterprise-grade digital asset management and custodian services.

We are delighted to share with you the progress made in the past two months.

· Cactus Custody to expand compliance by collaboration with industry-leading on-chain analytic service provider Elliptic

The secure and compliant operation of custodian became the center of attention when two OTC dealers were charged for laundering the stolen cryptocurrency. By integrating Elliptic’s on-chain Know-Your-Transaction (KYT) service, real-time on-chain transaction risk screening and AML service are provided, significantly reducing the risk and cost of incompliance.

· Cactus Custody to collaborate with the leading mining pool to enable transaction acceleration

The transaction fee for major cryptocurrencies, such as BTC and ETH, increases drastically during periods of network congestion. A slight delay could result in a drastic cost especially when market changes fast. In light of this, Cactus Custody is implementing transaction acceleration for BTC, ETH, and ERC20 tokens by collaborating with, one of the world’s leading mining pools, adding an extra layer of protection to our clients’ interests.

· Cactus Custody to optimize multi-tier fee rates recommendation

Multi-tier fee rates will be provided to simplify transactions and enhance the user experience. Meanwhile, the algorithm will continuously be optimized, saving clients the time spent on checking the appropriate fee level.

· Cactus Custody to enable the whitelist function

Clients may create a whitelist of trusted addresses, making sure that transactions are only possible with reliable parties.

· Cactus Custody to optimize and refine features while expanding the number of assets supported

Over the past 2 months, Cactus Custody rolled out valuable features, such as Monthly Asset Statement (Downloadable in PDF format) and BTC SegWit transactions, etc. We have also expanded our supporting assets to include BSV, HT, and OKB.

Cactus Custody’s vision is to bring the market greater security, transparency and efficiency and to empower our clients to grow.

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Cactus Custody Team,Matrixport

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