Cactus Custody Launched Fiat Custody and Cross-Enterprise Settlement Service

Dear Friend,

Hope you are well under these extraordinary times. In the time of challenges, Cactus Custody marches on and is pleased to announce the launching of USD Fiat Custody and Cross-Enterprise Settlement Service.

Cactus Custody has teamed up with Signature Bank, a leading crypto-friendly commercial bank based in New York, to offer USD custody service insured by FDIC.

Cactus Custody clients may now view both their digital and fiat assets on the dashboard.[1] One may also access Signature Bank service via our platform, and enjoy the convenience of real-time transfer offered by SignetTM, a blockchain payment platform of Signature Bank. By integrating with Signet, one can make an instant USD transfer to another Signet user at zero transaction cost, and may also complete cross-enterprise fiat settlement with another Cactus Custody user. This service will enable a safer, more efficient and convenient payment as well as settlement.

Cactus Custody aims to bring to the market security, transparency, and efficiency while empowering our client’s growth.

A One-month free trial is now available. Click here and apply now!

Cactus Custody Team

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