Do you want to be right or do you want to make $$? Yield Farming with Matrixport

Been quiet for some time as I’ve been buried engaging in DeFi yield farming. I know you guys miss my daily commentary, so look why not join the bandwagon? Do you want to be right or do you want to make $$? Around $10bn of capital is being pledged to farm. We’ve seen plenty of demand from institutions, hedge funds, mining companies and high net worths. Why are you not joining?

This is my FAQ 101 for all of you lucky folks out there….

What’s DeFi? Decentralized finance; in short, peer-to-peer finance with no middleman.

What’s yield farming? By pledging your crypto temporarily at the disposal of some startup’s application earns its owner more cryptocurrency. For example, you pledge USDC and in return receive a DeFi token where you can sell to earn the yield. You can find out more here.

Cool, why do I use Matrixport for yield farming (and not do it myself)? Here are the benefits:

(1) Operational Simplicity: Unless you have a ton of time and energy, we make it really simple for you. In less than a minute, you can be a yield farmer. Save on potential operational procedures; connecting to metamask, sending defi tokens to exchanges to sell, ensuring security checks, different type of base crypto currency (i.e. Flamingo is NEO-based) and the list goes on.

(2) Lower transaction cost (i.e. Gas Fees): Economics of scale 101. By aggregating all our flows, we ensure we lower the fees together. In high-congestion periods, it can get really expensive.

(3) More crypto currencies to pick from: BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC and BCH. If you want to tailor make, please reach out to me.

(4) Risk management: Ask every 10 DeFi farmers and more than half of them cannot read code, yet they are piling in ton of crypto. Investing in DeFi = Investing in smart contract coding. If you cannot read code, then you are basically investing in the blind. There are already a few notorious exploits and you don’t want to be at risk of investing in the scam bags. We engaged in numerous internal security audits and vetting before we list them on our platform because we read code, thank you.

(5) Safety: Not only do we have a qualified custody where you place your assets initially, Matrixport has also introduced a multi-layer security method that guards the safety of users’ funds. We got a team to closely monitor the markets to quickly react to market volatility and changes.

(6) Robo-investing: This is probably the beauty of our product. There are hundreds of DeFi tokens, but we have built an intelligent algo to farm the best risk-reward DeFi token. Some of them include Curve, YFV, Flamingo and etc.

If you wanna get plugged into DeFi, check our Intelligent product on our Matrixport app (please see screenshot below).

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Asia’s fastest growing digital asset financial services platforms

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Asia’s fastest growing digital asset financial services platforms

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