Earn 1-click profit with Curve Finance from Matrixport

What is Curve Finance?

Curve Finance is an exchange-based liquidity pool developed on the Ethereum that uses liquidity pools and bonding curves to enable highly efficient stablecoin trading

The main features of Curve is that users are not prone to price slippage, which usually occurs when trading stablecoins on the DEX. Unlike Uniswap, Curve places assets on Compound when they are not traded and gives this return to liquidity providers.

For users trying to exchange stablecoins such as Dai and USDC in a decentralized manner, Curve can reduce slippage. This is achieved by adapting new variations of bonding curves. In addition to the ability to perform highly efficient swaps, this is useful for liquidity providers who want to generate the super profits generated by Compound without having to hold more volatile assets in the market.

Curve Finance has its own CRV token, which provides liquidity through stablecoin trading, and hence the profit from it.

Bonding curves distribution examples

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Curve is available today on the mainnet at curve.fi and supports DAI, USDT, USDC and TUSD through y.curve.fi. All operations require a Web 3.0-enabled wallet such as MetaMask.

An example of buying / selling tokens in the Curve interface

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Using Curve on your own requires some Web 3.0 knowledge and understanding of DeFi interactions.

How to make 1 click profit with Matrixport?

Matrixport simplifies the process and helps users profit from the sale of CRV tokens.

  1. You choose the Matrixport Curve product.
  2. Activate it.
  3. Enjoy your income.

When the product reaches the maturity date, Matrixport sells CRV and the received mining income, distributes it among users, which allows you to get a good income.

Matrixport will face operational difficulties in the CRV mining process, high processing fees, transaction delays and market risks caused by the volatility of the CRV market, so investors can get relatively stable returns.

Risk Reminder: Products are subject to investment risk due to the way Curve contracts work, hacker attacks, liquidity crisis and market volatility. Any potential loss or profit resulting from this is borne by the investors as well.

How to start?

1. Download the application

2. Choose>Investments> Wealth > Defi [Curve product]

Ru Community

[RU] Telegram chat — https://t.me/matrixportrus

[RU] Telegram channel — https://t.me/matrixportru

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