Easter Egg Prize Hunt

The Easter Egg Giveaway

With the Easter holiday quickly approaching, we at Matrixport thought it would be an excellent opportunity to give back to our fantastic community once again. In that spirit, we decided that a hunt was definitely in order. Easter is a magical time filled with eggs scattered around high and low and sometimes challenging to find places. The venue for our Easter egg hunt will be on the Matrixport app, where users new and experienced will have the opportunity to garner some fantastic prizes if they find our hidden Easter eggs and Easter Bunny. These hidden images will be on various pages on the app, so our happy hunters will need to scour through the different pages and take a screenshot when they find both the Bunny and the Egg. Please use this form https://forms.gle/vbEfCyZsFG7fayD68 to upload your screenshots and enter your email address. There will one Egg image and one bunny image hidden amongst the pages so please find both to be eligible for the one of the fifty coupon prizes.

The event is now underway, and we will close on April 7th at Midnight GMT (UTC+7). Good luck to everyone, and we hope you have a great Easter holiday and enjoy the hunt.

Matrixport reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.

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