How to Sign up and Use the Basics of

When you head over to, you are greeted with a nice blue landing page full of information and possibilities. There are a few steps needed to get you ready to start your journey on Matrixport, which we will outline here.

Step 1. Signing Up

The first step in the process of starting your journey with Matrixport is to sign up for the website. There are a few options for the signup process which can be done by either your phone number or email address. For each of these options, the user will be prompted to get a code to confirm that the phone number or email is indeed yours. This will also serve as an initial 2-factor method upon the completion of your signup. Once you have received and inserted the code, you choose a password and at this time if you have an invitation code from a friend or colleague you can also put that in the field provided and click Sign Up. If you have completed the steps correctly, you are now a member of and will be prompted to sign in again.

Step 2. Security and Verification

Once you have entered your login information, you are now ready to access the main functions of the website. There are a bunch of options available for users under the security and verification tabs in the dashboard which can raise your security level, giving you access to more services on and more withdrawal capabilities as well.

Security Tab: Gives you options for adding your email address, mobile phone number, Authenticator app and various password options. It is also where you can see login history and security activity.

Verification Tab: This is essentially KYC and there are 3 levels to the process with each level adding different abilities to your account like loan options and withdrawal limits.

Step 3: Markets and Trading

The markets tab in the bar on top of your screen will show you the different indexes and markets available for trade, while the trade tab will take you directly to the trading page for each specified currency. There is also a new feature in this section called Automatic Swap which allows users of Matrixport partner to swap one crypto asset to another asset automatically. The user of & Antpool binds the Matrixport Key to swap or receive the original asset without the minimum payout limit. There is also an order book tab in this area as well that will show your buy or sell orders that are currently active or have been filled previously.

Step 4: Start your journey

You have successfully signed up and navigated your way through the website and are ready to take advantage of the great experience provides. There is much more that is available to be accessed on the site of and we have spoken about some in previous articles. We will delve more thoroughly into the advanced functions of the site at a later time but we are hopeful this will help you to start your journey and we are happy to help 24/7 with the help icon in the bottom right corner of your screen at




Asia’s fastest growing digital asset financial services platforms

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Asia’s fastest growing digital asset financial services platforms

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