Introducing Research-Focused “Matrixport View”

We are pleased to inform that Matrixport Research team has launched “Matrixport View”– a portal to provide in-depth research reports and market commentaries on crypto industry, from crypto investment, trading, lending, mining to regulation. You can easily access the research reports on the homepage ( or follow our “Matrixport View” Twitter account (

Matrixport View plans to publish three monthly research reports on market dynamics, blockchain technology advancements and worldwide regulatory updates each. It brings together the institutionalized knowledge and market insights residing with the Matrixport research, compliance and business teams. The research topics are often the areas that interest us most and drive us to dig deeper on. Such as how good is bitcoin as a safe haven asset? ( What is the role and significant of stablecoin as crypto market grows? How will the capital markets be reshaped by digital assets and blockchain? What is the future of mining? Apart from the monthly topical research paper, we will also share market commentaries written by our market specialists on regular basis, and many more…

Crypto is a fast-growing nascent market, we are and will always remain as an earnest learner. We feel fortunate to be on the forefront of this industry and are happy to share our thoughts and findings along the way with people who are passionate about crypto or simply want to learn more. By creating Matrixport View, we hope to generate positive repercussions by bringing learners and experts together.

If you have a particular area of interest, you are also welcomed to write to us ( and let us know what you would like to see from Matrixport View. Our team will assess and pick the topics that are most often mentioned as well as have research value and write about them in the future.

Follow our Matrixport View Twitter account ( today and become a market expert in crypto!

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