Invite Friends, Get USDT Commission

a. Referrer shares the link and invites friends to register and download the App.

b. Once the referee makes a Dual Currency investment, the referrer will get a percentage commission.

c. Dual Currency products commission rate: 0.1%. Example: Referee makes a Dual Currency investment and the face value is 10 BTC, then the referrer can get USDT commission equivalent to 0.1% * 10 BTC.

d. The commission will be settled in USDT.

2. Inviting steps

First, sign up or log in to your personal account on Matrixport App.

Second, at the bottom of the homepage, find [me] and click [Invite Friends] in the function list.

Third, click [copy the invitation] and send your friends.

Please note:

· Effective period is 90 days, starting from the registration date of the referee.The referrer can no longer receive commission from that referee’s investment after the effective period.

· The referrer should complete Lv.2 Identity Verification to receive the commission. Lv.2 Identity Verification is currently not supported in the App and please visit to complete.

· Commission settlement time: 20:00 (UTC+8) daily.

If you have any questions , please join:



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