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Following the overwhelming market response to our first fund management product (Fund №1), Matrixport will be launching Fund №2 on 7 November 2020. As always, we carefully engage in due diligence to present this high calibre fund managed by industry professionals. The Matrixport Fund №2 aims to achieve robust investment performance through arbitrage strategies.

Matrixport Fund №2 is a high-calibre fund management product for USDT. Having been up and running for 3 years, going through both the bull and bear market, Fund №2 achieved 20% APY on average. With the help of machine learning-based UHF forecasting technology, it features stable returns, low volatility, small drawbacks and high Sharpe ratio. Based on the past performance of the fund over the last 12 months, Fund №2 is projected to achieve 10%-25% APY, while that of other USDT fixed-term investment products is typically between 5% and 8% APY, which is significantly less than Matrixport Fund №2. Compared to other short-term investments, the ROI of Fund №2 may not look as appealing, however, it is capable of achieving consistent and outstanding investment performance under all market conditions while other products inevitably involve high risks and are not as sustainable.

Investors can participate in Matrixport Fund №2 after carefully assessing the trading rules. The total quota for the initial batch is 15m USDT, where each investor is entitled to a limited quota (between 50,000 USDT and 500,000 USDT). Once fundraising is completed, the fund will be locked for 3 months.

Matrixport Fund №2 is the successor of our previous highly popular fund management product. It belongs to the Matrixport Best-Buy Fund series. More fund management products will be launched on our platform in the near future. We are looking forward to serving investors with our diverse and innovative digital asset management products. We aim to make crypto easy for everyone and help investors achieve substantial returns.

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