Launching Matrixport Fund No.1

Matrixport is pleased to launch Fund No.1, on 19 October 2020. Since the beginning of this year, the global pandemic COVID-19 has negatively affected the economy around the world. Several banks, including the European Central Bank and the central banks of Denmark, Japan, Sweden, and Switzerland, have started experimenting with negative interest rates. Profitable investments, on the other hand, have become more difficult to find. Bearing the mission of serving the best interests of clients, Matrixport has applied concepts from traditional finance to launch fund management products which support digital assets. Investing in funds help alleviate the hassle of close monitoring that most of us cannot afford with our busy schedules. We carefully engage in due diligence to present the high calibre funds managed by industry professionals.b. With our focus in asset management and possibility of generating alpha, we are confident that our handpicked Fund №1 will be popular with our investors as it combines arbitrage and trend following strategies, which are generally less volatile in nature.

The Matrixport Fund №1 has significant advantages. Compared to other funds, the Matrixport Fund №1 is much more accessible to retailinvestors. It only requires 1 BTC (around 11,500 USD at the current value) as the minimum investment amount, while the typical minimum investment amount starts from 200,000 USD. Besides that, Matrixport Fund №1 is capable of achieving consistent and outstanding investment performance under all market conditions. The fund managers are able to achieve this superior return because they have adopted multiple strategies that include high-frequency trading (HFT), CTA and arbitrage. The reference Sharpe ratio of the product is 4.91. From the last 12 months, the fund has generated more than 30% in returns with virtually no drawdown. This figure in other BTC fixed-term products is typically 1–3% APY, significantly less than Matrixport Fund №1.

Investors can participate in Matrixport Fund №1 after carefully assessing the trading rules. The total quota for the initial batch is 500 BTC, where each investor is entitled to a limited quota (between 1 BTC and 50 BTC). Once fundraising is completed, the fund will be locked for 6 months. Please note that redemption is not permitted during the 6 month period. However, investors can contact the sales manager if they are under extreme circumstances to request an early redemption but fees will apply. For further details, please refer to the Matrixport Fund №1 page on our APP.

The Matrixport Fund №1 is the first product in the series of our Fund management platform. More Matrixport funds will be launched in the near future. We are looking forward to serving investors with our diverse and innovative digital asset management products. We aim to make crypto easy for everyone and help investors achieve substantial returns.

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