Matrixport Releases New and Improved Website

After months’ of preparation, we’re more than excited to unveil the upgraded Official Website of Matrixport! The new website comes with a brand new look and enhanced features. We have completely upgraded the website for overall improved user experience, optimal service efficiency, and quality. With a cleaner layout, our partners, customers, and the interested parties can learn about who we are and what we do straight away.

The new official website is composed of five sections, namely Markets, Trade, Loan and Dual Currency, and the Cactus custody. In the above-mentioned sections, you find detailed introductions and demonstrations for the products, services, structure, and vision of Matrixport while being able to locate the information that you’re interested in easily.

About Matrixport

Founded in February 2019, Matrixport is a financial service company spun off from the world’s leading ASIC chip (mining computers) producer Bitmain Technologies. With its rich industry resources and leading technology capabilities, it strives to offer its clients innovative products. Thanks to the leader position that Bitmain enjoys in the mining hardware market, Matrixport has a very established clientele since its very beginning. Although being a start-up, Matrixport already has more than 160 employees worldwide with the majority of them working for the technical side and the rest having a strong financial industry background (with past experience at Deutsche Bank, Citi, Merrill Lynch, etc.). It can be said with confidence that the company’s knowhow on everything crypto, blockchain and financial products is solid and proven.

With all these favourable conditions, the whole Matrixport product development team works hard and intensively on designing new exciting offerings to satisfy a rapid growing market. Our goal is to provide solutions which enable our clients to choose different crypto investment strategies and increase the total value of their crypto portfolio.

Founded in February 2019, is your gateway to a digital economy where you can trade, entrust, invest, and borrow crypto assets all in one place.