New Products Fixed Income and Flexi-Term Investment Products Now On the Matrixport App

We are pleased to announce two new additions to our assortment of cryptocurrency asset management products and services, the Fixed Income Investment product, and the Flexi-Term Investment product.

For both products, real crypto assets are guaranteed by excess pledge and the product itself is designed to have ensured asset security by institutional-grade custody and a rigorous risk control mechanism, while offering its users high returns with stability and liquidity. Both of these products are fully transparent with a visible pay-off calculator where users know what they will receive and have the option to so in either the currency they bought into the contract with or a stablecoin such as USDC.

The Fixed Income Investment product is a digital assets-based wealth management product derived through creditor’s rights assignment. USD stablecoin holders who use this product can benefit from a 7 to 8% fixed annualized return. Users also have the ability to either hold their investment until it reaches its maturity or opt to assign the loan assets to other creditors at a subsequently lower price before the loan date of expiry. This means that investments can be cashed ahead of schedule in the presence of other potential creditors.

The Flexi-Term Investment Product, on the other hand, aims to serve as an alternative to a fiat saving account in a low to negative interest environment. It allows for more flexibility in their high-yield low-risk category with an early exit option. Compared to dollar deposits, early redemption still offers a higher interest rate. Users can hold until the product reaches its maturity and receive the fixed income, or in this instance, users have the option to choose early redemption and recover the principal and potentially part of the income.

With limited stock available, the products have been snapped up by users at a fast rate. There are a number of options users can select for the investment products, depending on tenor, expected APY, early redemption APY, minimum value and available amount. The ranges are as follows:

  • Tenor: Less than a month to over a year (12 months)
  • Expected APY: Below 7% to over 10%
  • Available Amount: Below $1000 to over $100,000
  • Early Redemption APY: 4% to 5%
  • Minimum Value: $100 to $500,000

Matrixport is excited to continue offering a wide range of products to our loyal customers and will always do so knowing the varying risk appetites of the users. Make sure to go to as well as downloading our App and take a look at what we can do for your investment strategies today.