NFT Financialization: Trends and Opportunities

Thinking about the financial layer of NFTs

The NFT Financialization Landscape

NFT Fractionalization

Figure 1: NFTX Token Pool Rewards
Figure 2: The Doge NFT Profile

NFT Lending

Figure 3: Average APR on NFTfi by Gideontay
Source: MetaStreet
Source: Bridgesplit

NFT Rental

NFT Pricing

igure 4: Trends and prediction results of CryptoPunk sale prices, Upshot
Figure 5: Real-time pricing and auction mechanism for NFT holders
Figure 6: How NFT Lending Platform integrates with Abacus Spot
Figure 7: FIFO auction mechanism if the borrower defaults

NFT Aggregators

Figure 8: and Trading Volumes on Dune Analytics

Potential Areas of Product Innovation

Closing thoughts




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