The Bear Punter Explained

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Markets change constantly and it is the seasoned trader that can capitalize in any condition.

The Bear Punter is a directional product capable of alleviating the tension generated in a bear market. If the investor assumes the bear market will continue, he or she has the option of investing in Bear Punter and earning compounded gains based on settlement rules if the market eventually declines under the price the investor has bought at.

To illustrate, here are two examples:

  1. If the price were to go above the linked price, the investor would take minimal losses on a fee. For example, let’s say the fee per share is 0.015 BTC and the linked price is 6000 USD expiring on April 10, 2020.
  2. If the Settlement price were to drop below 6000 USD and the time of the expiration of the contract then the investor would be entitled to receive multiplied profits. In the case, that the market shifted and the price at the expiry of the contract was to rise above 6000 USD then the investor would bear a minimal loss at a maximum of 0.015 BTC.

This gives the community the opportunity regardless of market conditions or sentiment the opportunity to capitalize differently through “smartly leveraged returns”.

For more information on our Bear Punter, please see our post here:

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