What do Bull Markets mean for investors?

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A Bull market is a sustained period where prices are increasing. It is the opposite of a Bear market but is similar in terms of length, which stems anywhere from one month to a year or more in duration. In the past, Bull markets were most commonly referenced with the stock market, but the term has matured and now encompasses a much broader scope in the financial world.

There isn’t a specific method for identifying a Bull Market or Bull run, but the most widely acknowledged statistic is that the prices would rise by 20% or more and hold for an extended period of time. These Bull markets are typically found in periods of economic strength which has historically led investors to pursue different avenues for their finances and has contributed largely to some historic Bull runs of the past.

There is a multitude of ways in which to capitalize on an invigorated market. From the hay days of the Stock market to Forex, and in more recent times a wave of interest in methods like Bull Punter.

There are times during a Bull market where it seems like no matter where you invest your money, you are still seeing big returns and green in your portfolio every day. However, with many different methods of profiting when the markets are bountiful, the skilled trader weighs the options and looks to methods both new and old to maximize his or her position over the long term.

For more information on Bull Punter, please read our post here.

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